What is Haus Athletics?

Haus Athletics specialises in HIIT workouts developed by experts that delivers results fast.

Who is Haus for?

Anyone above the age of 18 can join Haus regardless of fitness levels, abilities, and body shape.

Will I need to be fit to go to Haus?

You train at Haus to be fit! Our workouts are all tailored to fit the masses and intensity is relative because as you progress in the workouts that’s when you start to see results.

I am intimidated by HIIT. Where do I start?

Everyone starts somewhere. Our workouts are progressive, and our instructors are all trained to offer modification/options during the workout to allow you to do the workout at your own pace. Remember that you just need to take that first step.

I currently have medical issues/injuries. Can I still train?

Our workouts are safe for the vast majority. However, we will still advise you to get a clearance from your doctor or physio before signing up for a workout.



One word: Efficiency. Scientific research has shown that doing a HIIT workout delivers an abundance of benefits not limited to being time efficient, rapid fat burn from a process called EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) which will allow the body to keep burning calories for up to 48 hours and reduce blood pressure and sugar levels.

What is your training methodology?

Our training methodology focuses on the 5 principal concepts of fitness. Our workouts are built around improving strength endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and body composition.

What exercises or movement I should expect from class?

We stick to the basics because we know it works. We stay close to the roots of our ancestors by using primal movement patterns such as the squat, lunge, push, pull and more to keep us nimble and healthy.

Are the workouts repetitive?

No two workouts are the same at Haus! The fact that every day has a different focus with varying intervals and different arrangement of exercises forces your body to keep guessing and avoid plateaus which leads to to quicker results.

How often should I train at Haus?

Our workouts are all total-body focused which means you can be assured that you will not be overloading a particular body part in a session. We always advise newcomers to start off their journey with us by aiming for 2 sessions a week before ramping up.


What do I need to do before my first visit?

1. Download the Haus Athletics booking app on the App Store and Google Play Store.


2. Once you have filled in all your particulars, for first timers you are entitled to our 1-week trial pass priced at only $50. This pass will give you access to try all the Haus workouts on schedule.


3. Once you've purchased the trial pass, you are free to start booking your class.


4. We will be welcoming you with open arms during your first visit, so rest assured that our team will be expecting your arrival.

Do I need to bring workout attire?

Yes! We do not provide workout gears so you will have to bring your own. However, we have shower facilities and toiletries, so you that you can freshen up post-class and be ready to start or finish your day!

What are the membership options after I finish my trial?

It can be tough when it comes to deciding which package to get. We will usually advice folks to start off with a class pack that will allow you to commit to 2 sessions per week for a start such as the 10-class pack. Once you are ready, then you can climb your way up and purchasing more classes to fit into your schedule.


If you like the workouts here and want to commit to a monthly membership, please email us at info@hausathletics.com and we will be more than happy to share more information on it.


Please refer to the sweat packages tab to explore more on all the memberships available.


How to book classes?

Classes can be booked via our Haus Athletics app. Please download the Haus Athletics booking app on the App Store or Google Play Store for a seamless booking experience.

When do you release your class schedules?

Our schedule releases every Thursday at 8pm for the following week.

What if I am unable to make it for class?

The cancellation window is 12-hours for the class you've booked. If you decide to late-cancel your class, you will be charged a late cancellation fee. However, if you have a valid reason for your absence with legal documentation, please email us at info@hausathletics.com and we will sort it out for you.

Still have questions about Haus?

Drop us an email!


For any other questions, feel free to write to us at info@hausathletics.com and we’ll get back to you the best we can.

Haus Athletics